Generalizing Groceries and Items through our E-Commerce Solutions

Our primary goal is to provide an innovative and effective solution to our clients. ProCohat developed a dynamic E-commerce website for our client Lado. We designed a perfectly articulated and attractive E-commerce platform for Lado using HTML, PHP, Bootstrap, and Javascript technology. 

Key challenges-

Lado is selling various grocery products online, in a highly competitive market of online grocery products, a recent survey shows only 3% of customers actually buy products from online grocery shopping sites.

Lado wants to sell some automobile products like Automobile engine oil, keeping in mind motor-vehicle enthusiasts and their requirements.  

Requirement of lado is to build a user-friendly, simple and fast-track site which is appealing for customers. Secondly, customers should stick like glue on the platform, which certainly helps the Lado in sales and necessary boost to the product.

Solutions provided by ProCohat.

We developed elegant,classic and user-friendly website by using Bootstrap,HTML ,PHP and Javascript technology. By using PHP and Javascript we added charismatic attractive  layout and full-width sliders, which give a specific description of various products in a single layout of the Grocery chart. Moreover, it gives a heavenly look to the website and eye-catching layouts makes it a perfect place to shop for customers. 

We have made a fully responsive, clean , and well-articulated webpage, furthermore,the functionality of the web-page is quite appealing for motorheads.