When it comes to the building of website on decor, ProCohat reign supreme in this sector. Procohat developed a simple and user-friendly commercial website for Malik Deco House, which is based on several decorative accessories, making your home very attractive. We used WordPress CMS to develop a website for malik Deco house and developed an android application using Java technology.

Key Challenges

MalikDeco-House required a simple and static website to sell their various household decoration products like carpets, sofas, curtains, chairs, cushion sets, and many more.

They need a customized and well-organized attractive website. In which the client can view various services, products, and market prices of the products.

To tap the information and location of employees is an elemental requirement for Malik Deco House.  The company is facing this challenge since there is no mechanism to know the exact location of the employees.

Malik-Deco house required an application, which is going to monitor the attendance location of employees and history of attendance from various sites.   


Aesthetic website is developed using WordPress CMS, an attractive,simple, and static website with information on various products and services provided by Malikdecohouse. We developed an android application according to specific requirements provided by the company. Android application with admin login and employee login, where employees can make their attendance from their current location and change their profile pictures and view the attendance history. Secondly, Admin can view the current location of employees and the location of attendance. We    used geofence software to tackle this problem and provide a relative solution. Moreover, Admin can delete the profile or make certain changes in the employee’s profile. Exquisite features make the application very easy to use for employees and Admin.