ProCohat ideates the solutions that solve the global level problem with sustainable outcomes and helps the customer to build an impressively designed website consisting of a brand, image with multiple templates, and mesmerizing page layouts. Secondly, we assisted the company with internal linkings and plugins that help to integrate with various social media platforms. 


The company required a new stylish and attractive website to sell various apple products online. Nowadays, there is a trend to go online and buy online. Customers are looking to purchase products online. Additionally, online business platforms are constantly aware of keeping their product and services in front of the eyes of customers. Our client was looking for a user-friendly and stunningly beautiful website to sell their various Apple products with cost-effective shipping options.

Moreover, it enables the company to sell its products online with cost-effective shipping options. 


We used WooCommerce to build an effective and functional online shopfront website of various Apple products and other services, which includes the customization of the specific requirements of clients in the product. Furthermore, by using WooCommerce, products are managed with ease and added to the website.

We created a website using WordPress CMS, which is user-friendly to build a website in a quick session of time, and it helps to update things without any hassle and tassel. We used the Astra theme, which is one of the best themes to build a commercial website. Secondly, we added various infographics images and synchronized the inventory in a drop-down layout, which improves the capability to display several products, their information, and reviews of products with relative ease. Moreover, Astra theme’s plugins help to interlink the website with several.