IDC case study

ProCohat excels in the different ventures including development of OTT platform website, our client IDC came up with a unique requirement to develop an OTT platform, based on dance community and choreography. We used WordPress to develop an IDC OTT platform website, AngularJS as a front-end and Node JS as a backend technology.  

Key Challenges

These days, everything has gone online, entertainment and learning is no excuse.IDC is looking for an exclusive website for its subscription based OTT platform.  

Platform is unique of its kind , which is not purely an entertainment base, moreover, IDC required a platform for dance enthusiasts, who are seeking to learn various dance forms from the platform, actually a website required to be specific with its various dance forms and choreographers, master art Gurus in classical dance. 

 User-friendly and fastrack website with an attractive multiple layout is required to build an OTT platform, which is also the least requirement of the viewers, who are seeking to learn an art form from the OTT platform.  


We developed an IDC platform based on dance and choreography by Using WordPress content management system.Additionally we implemented  AngularJS technology for simple, user-friendly and well organised functionality of the website.Certainly, the website looks very informative and alluring with its attractive drop down layout and linked web pages containing list of  various videos of dancing artform linked to specific choreographer.